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Checking Items Off in Life


It’s good to have new experiences, I was thinking as we made our way west from Budapest to Vienna, Austria where we would catch a train on to Salzburg. And in the seven minutes we had to change trains, I managed to check another item off my life’s bucket list – causing a traffic jam at the bottom of an escalator in a major transport hub by falling over your suitcase and then having the person behind fall on top of you… Luckily, the fleet-footed Austrians must have had previous experience dodging tourists and managed to prevent a domino effect. I felt lucky to be alive.

Speaking of alive, do you know what else is alive in Salzburg? Why the hills of the Alps, of course!

Salzburg is a gorgeous town near the border of Germany, with the perfect blend of history, culture, and modern day living. Considered one of the prettiest towns in Europe, it is famous for being the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1756 and also later, the site where “The Sound of Music” was filmed. Did you know that there was a German film called “Die Trapp Familie” from 1956 upon which the American Broadway musical was based? Although the American movie is responsible for a significant boost to Salzburg’s international tourism, most Austrians have never head of the musical or movie unless they work with tourists. The ones that have seen it think it’s tacky and dislike that it distorts the real story. Having said that, we still love the Hollywood version and went around humming “Do-Re-Mi” (quietly, of course)!

Back to checking things off lists, Austria had a couple of desserts to try – Apple strudel and Linzer torte. From what we had seen, apple strudel filling could be have large chunks of apple in it, or could be a bit smoother. It’s often confused with apple streusel, because the names are so similar. The key difference between strudel and streusel is that strudel is a feeling wrapped in thin layers of pastry sheets, while a streusel has a more crumble-like topping. Below is our review of the dessert:

Restaurant: Cafe Bazar

There were numerous opportunities to try Apfelstrudel (apple strudel in German) and we decided to stop for lunch at the cute Cafe Bazar along the banks of the Salzach, after our amphibious bus tour and cruise in the river. The place was bustling with both locals and tourists looking for a place to relax and have some light bites. The cafe offered both indoor and outdoor seating, and we opted for a spot outside to enjoy the view. The service was excellent and the ambiance friendly, Prices were a bit higher than keeping with the great location and higher end clientele. Although the strudel was not our favorite dessert in general, we did enjoy our lunch here.

Apfelstrudel Rating: 3.81





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