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Pasta and Gelato Cooking Class in Roma


After a day of sight-seeing at the Coliseum and the surround area, we headed to a Pasta and Gelato-making cooking class done by Holy Pizza. The shop entrance is a bit hidden, but the place inside was large, clean and well-equipped inside. Learning about making gelato was interesting, and was done as a group demonstration, rather than individual stations.

Did you know that the main difference between gelato and ice cream is the temperature at which gelato is kept? You can tell “real” gelato from ice cream by the way it is stored behind the case. Gelato needs to be kept at a lower temperature, which means that it’s kept covered in a steel container which is sitting in a partially submerged freezer compartment.


Making pasta was surprisingly simple and the results were tasty. The chef showed us how to make the sauce as well, and declared with a firm shake of his head that although packaged pasta was okay, bottled sauce was a no-no!

I asked for spaghetti and you gave me lasagne!

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