Discovering Desserts

I scream for gelato!

Now that we knew what real gelato shops were supposed to look like, we realized that most of them sell ice cream. However, that certainly didn’t stop us from enjoying the treats daily, or even multiple times a day, all for the sake of our taste testing of course. Here are the first round of results.

Sweet Life Gelato is a small shop in Roma where Vittorio hand-crafts his recipes. Although semi-retired, he happened to be there during our visit. They insist on giving you tasters, to make sure you like it first. The gelato was spectacular, and they drizzle chocolate on top, which hardens to a lovely coating, along with a flat wafer cookie. This put it over the top (hee-hee). The flavors we tried were limone (lemon), vaniglia (vanilla) and mango (mango). So, so good.

The place had a constant line of people waiting during the entire time we were there – a testament to its popularity.

Almost perfect! 4.75 stars

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