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Vatican Museum: Ceilings, Art & Amazing Things

Ceilings, ceilings and more gorgeous ceilings. Priceless art and so much to absorb, you’re dizzy by the time you reach the Sistine Chapel. They no longer allow photos or videos of the room, but I have one from the last time I visited 25 years ago that I will have to see if I can dig up.

Roman Gods

The Romans respected Greek culture and adopted many of their gods and some of the statues in the Vatican are copies of the original Greek. The Vatican Museum has around 70,000 works of art, of which about 20,000 are displayed.

The Round Room, the Sala Rotonda or Round Hall, was absolutely my favorite room in the Vatican Museum. It was designed after the Pantheon by the architect Michelangelo Simonetti in 1779. The floor dates back to the 3rd century BC and was moved piece by piece from the ancient bathhouses from Ostia Antica (part of old Rome) and relaid here in the 18th century.

The huge centerpiece is the Emperor Nero’s bathtub, made of very rare and precious red porphyry has a 43 ft circumference!

What an entrance
The Spiral Staircase
The Stanza della Segnatura: Raphael’s School of Athens

Raphael’s School of Athens pays homage to ancient philosophers Plato (who has the features of Leonardo da Vinci) and Aristotle, while features of Raphael’s rival Michelangelo are found on the figure lounging on the steps in his signature leather boots.

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